James’ Toy Collection

James wished to add to his treasured collection of toy trucks.

James loved his collection of toy trucks.  He’d tell anyone who stopped by his room the make and model of each vehicle he owned.  We granted his wish for a few new toys … then we added a few extra surprises.  We wish you could have seen the look on James’ face when we saw real-life antique trucks and cars sitting outside of the Assisted Living Facility where he now resides.  James got a second surprise when the fire trucks showed up.  James used to be a fireman so seeing the trucks brought back great memories.  The firemen and James talked shop about his memories as a fireman for a while.  James was able to laugh and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful antique cars and feel like he was back to his old fireman days with the trucks and crew around him.

Wish Fund

A fund to support future and unfunded wishes.