Mae’s Visit

Nothing feels better than time with the ones you love.  Mae’s wish was to travel to her sister’s home for a final lunch.

As children, Mae and her sister, Cora, were inseparable.  They spent almost all their time together and shared everything.  Even as adults, the pair would meet for lunch a few times a week and talk for hours.

When the two could no longer drive to meet, lunch plans started to fall through.  Mae eventually had to move in with her son a few hours away due to her failing health.  She often spoke about the isolation she felt and how much she missed spending time with her sister; but, thanks to a generous Wish Grantor, Mae’s wish came true.

Mae recently traveled to Cora’s town and had lunch one final time to reminisce and say goodbye.  Mae was so appreciative of the My Wish program and said, “I can’t believe something like this exists.  I am so glad I am able to get out of the house and enjoy lunch and time with my sister.”  She also thanked her Wish Grantor and said, “I hope more people grant Covenant Care patients’ wishes, because being able to have my wish come true is something so special.”

Wish Fund

A fund to support future and unfunded wishes.