Pearlie’s Picture

Pearlie wished to have a photo of her home in Birmingham, AL, since she was unable to travel there.

Pearlie’s final wish was to visit her home in Birmingham, AL.  She lived in this home for more than fifty years before her health condition made it necessary to move in with her sister.  Due to not being able to travel, one of the Covenant Care Clinical Managers, Angie, happened to be going to Birmingham the next day.  When Angie heard of Pearlie’s wish, she without hesitation offered to drive to Pearlie’s beloved home and take a picture so Pearlie could see her home, every day.

Thanks to a Wish Grantor, we were able to print the photo and have it nicely framed for Pearlie.  When we presented the photo to Pearlie, she was overcome with emotion and kept saying, “That’s my home, that’s my home.”


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