Marilyn’s Day Out

Marilyn would like a trip to her favorite local salon, The Snip n Barn for a haircut, manicure and pedicure.



There’s nothing quite like a trip to the beauty salon to make one feel like a million bucks!

The Snip n Barn is Marilyn’s favorite salon, where she loves to visit with her stylist.  It’s been the highlight of her week for many years. Her son reports, “she loves going there because they always get her style just right and the stylists are just a fun bunch of people.”

Unfortunately, due to her declining health, Marilyn hasn’t been able to visit the Snip N Barn in quite some time.  She misses the friendships she has formed with the staff and other patrons, as well as the feeling of looking beautiful after her visit.

Marilyn’s simple wish is to be pampered with a haircut, style and pedicure from her favorite salon.


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